As always I start my day praying for a Jhene Aiko sex tape. Although we weren’t blessed with a sextape we got an overall DOPE EP! For the past 2 years if you seen “Ft. Jhene Aiko” you pretty much knew what it was going to be. Her sound is soothing & her own. Quality loud packs & slow stroke music provided across entire project. Now stay with me. I’ve seen a few Paparazzi shots of Mr. Kardashian out & about lately & he always got those same blue jeans on with the whole in the leg. Now I know those jeans probably cost more than my rent for the next 4 months but I’m sayings tho…Kanye’s Jeans Is Jhene’s Sail out. It’s dope, I just wonder how much if the same kind of dope is too much. Luckily I don’t gotta worry bout that now. It’s 7 tracks & fuego.

– Phoenix


Jhene finally shares whats she’s been creating and I’m in love with her angelic tone! I love her the melody, flow, and topic on her new offering sail out EP. The song I have on repeat from this project is “Comfort Inn Ending” it has the kinda truth written that I relate to.. Just real for me… I can’t wait to hear what comes after this..We all are praying it wont be a 2 year gap between releases.

– ShamTrax



I just got put on 2 her by way of Drakes album. She sounds like a mix between Fergie and Jesus the production is solid as fuck. Dope tape!



I’ve been a fan of Jhene since I did a remix way back for the tug group she was in. To hear her all grown up and maturing as a lyricist is great. I’m also glad to see an artist sticking with one production crew for a whole body of work. My only gripe is that although the Fisticuffs did great work; I feel they could have experimented more with her sound instead of giving her exactly what’s always been working.


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