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TSK producer Phoenix recently completed an interview with  Phoenix was interviewed by Christopher B. for their Hydrosonics section which features new and exciting up coming producers. Below you will find an excerpt of the interview, for the full feature just follow the link.

NF: I understand you have an instrumental project set to release this week titled “Heart” but its not the a-typical instrumental ep, how would you describe it? Phoenix: Heart is a 100% expression. It’s me doing what I want with no filter. NF: So what made you choose to create an ep that’s more musical expression than anything else? Phoenix: Before I got started with Tomorrow Today and linked with those artist trying to stand out, I kept running into the same problem. I got tired of hearing “hey can you you make me a beat that sounds like *fill in the blank*”. Even worse was when I was told “man this is amazing but it doesn’t sound like anything out”, I’m like yea that’s the point. I decided to cut the middle man out and let my fans hear my art.

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