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New Album: Shamtrax – Love + Time = Lessons

Love Plus Time Cover Front DoneLove Plus Time COVER back done
Overnight, Shamtrax released his long-awaited album, Love+Time=Lessons. The projects chronicles the highs and low of courtship and love from the perspective of musical master from Brooklyn (think Kanye’s 808’s in Bed Stuy). As listeners enjoy this body of work, they won’t be able to overlook what is arguably this project’s greatest asset: production. Shamtrax easily reminds us of that The Soundkillers are an extraordinary team of producers with the ability to create without bounds and perfectly marry contrasting sounds.

Among many other things, Shamtrax has a gift for delivering sporadic lyrical gems that cleverly summarize perspective. Specifically, on “Arguments 2.0,” the sequel to a previously more contrite effort from Shamtrax (Arguments), when she asks “How you allow them to send you this?”, Shamtrax cleverly retorts “Girl, I’m not in charge of they fingertips.”

Again, on “Waste”, he shares: “Girl, you can’t act up and expect the same me when you back up,” reminding his significant other that Newton’s law applies to love. “This album is a direct reflection of a relationship you’ve been in, know someone who’s in it now, or one that you WILL go thru.“ -Shamtrax


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