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New Music: MeLo-X, ‘God:LoFi’

The wait is over.  MeloX has finally released his much anticipated project, GOD:LoFi.  Also, shout out to our producer, Phoenix, for producing the first song on the project, “God Magic.”  For more information about MeloX, please visit, , or follow him on Twitter, @MeloXtra.

Tracklist and Credits:

(produced by @PhoenixSays)

(produced by M-Phazes)

(produced by Jessee Futerman)

(produced by MeloX)

5. APPLE JUICE (produced by MeloX)




Exclusive Interview: @PBZE_TO speaks with @TheSoundkillers


I imagine that PBzE T.O was smiling from ear to ear as he uttered he wants to make it to a point in his career where his mama doesn’t have to punch a clock.  He longs to support his mama and daughter through his music.  Rapping isn’t about the pomp and circumstance for the Magnolia, Arkansas native.  He sees his 40 bars as his ticket to financial stability for him and his family, not a meal ticket to stardom.

 But, who exactly is PBzE T.O?  In a very candid interview, he spoke with The Soundkillers about his latest project, Bon Appetit, and future endeavors.

[TSK]: How long have you been rapping?

[PBzE T.O]: Since I was 14

[TSK]: What made you want to be a rapper?

[PBzE T.O]: I wanted to take care of my family, you know?  Take care of my mama so she never has to work and punch a clock. I just want to make sure that my mama and daughter is good.  I could not care less about the bright lights and fame.

[TSK]: Since you’ve been rapping since you were 14, do you remember your first performance?

[PBzE T.O]: My first performance was when I was two.  My mama always tell me this story about when I was two years old and I sang in the choir.  The piano player was playing the song that I lead.  I was playing on a pew or something so I wasn’t paying attention.  But as soon as the beat dropped I grabbed the mic and she said the congregation just went crazy.  I was like wow.  I wish she had it on tape, but that was introduction of PBzE T.O.   That was my first performance I guess you could say.

[TSK]: What does the acronym PBzE T.O stand for?

[PBzE T.O]: Patience Buildz Excellence.  T.O is for my cousin who died in 2005 in a shooting.  We were like brothers.  He lives through me so we in this together.

[TSK]: What made you want to use that as your stage name?

[PBzE T.O]: It speaks for itself.  Doing music or anything you gotta be patient.  It’s not going to happen when you want it to happen.  The more patient you are, the more it builds your craft.  You know, patience builds excellence.  So when that light comes on, I’ve been patient enough to where I’ve perfected my craft enough.  It’s something that I actually live by.

[TSK]: Who are some artists and producers you’ve worked with over the years?

[PBzE T.O]: Right now I work with The Soundkillers and Ronnie D (½ of the duo, Marvel Hitz).  They did “I Luv Dem Strippers” with 2-Chainz.  I work with Lonestarr.  That’s pretty much who’ve I’ve been working with for a good three years.

[TSK]: Since you mentioned producers you’ve worked with, are there any other producers and artists you would like to work with?

[PBzE T.O]: Of course.  I want to work with everybody.  You got Timbaland, Kanye, Drumma Boy, Dr. Dre, etc. There are a lot of producers I want to work with.  As far as artists, I want to work with everybody too.  I’m not biased, I want to be on everybody’s song.  I take that back, not EVERYBODY.  If it’s worth being apart of and I’m a fan of their music then we can make it work. 


[TSK]: Let’s get to this single, “Inside Joke.”

[PBzE T.O]: Phoenix (of The Soundkillers) produced it.

[TSK]: Is this the first official single from your project?

[PBzE T.O]: I wouldn’t say it’s the first official single, it’s just the first one we threw out there as bait to see who was going to catch on.  You know, create a buzz before the tape actually drops.  We haven’t released a single off the tape yet though.

[TSK]: So, what’s the first official single going to be?

[PBzE T.O]: We have more than a few options, but I’m leaning towards “Too Easy” or “No More.”  But I’m not sure at this time.

[TSK]: So, what’ the story behind “Inside Joke?”

[PBzE T.O]: It’s pretty much like what we were talking about earlier.  Everybody wanna be the next big thing.  It’s just funny to see people thinking they got it and they don’t.  Most of them pay to just say that they’re in the studio.  Stuff like that is just funny, you know?  The joke is on them.  That’s where the concept of the song came from.  Just play your part and do what you do best.  Don’t try to do everything because it’s not for everybody.

[TSK]: What made you want to name your mixtape, Bon Appetit?

[PBzE T.O]: Because I’m ready to eat.  I’m ready to get full.  I’m ready to take the food off of everybody else’s plate and put it on mine.  I want everybody to eat, like what Ace Boogie said on “Paid in Full.”

[TSK]: Are there any features on the mixtape?

[PBzE T.O]: Yeah, I have Sketch Carey on “No More.”  Dion Primo wrote that hook.  I have Chris Echols and Bilbo on a song.  Other than that, it’s straight up PBzE T.O all the way through

[TSK]: Who are some of the producers on it?

[PBzE T.O]: The same producers:  The Soundkillers, Lonestarr, and Ronnie D.  I had Team Green produce “No More.”  Tommy Hits produced the song, “It’s Friday.”

[TSK]: What can your fans expect from Bon Appetit?

[PBzE T.O]: They can expect versatility, substance, and quality music.  Music that you can play continuously.  Expect the unexpected.

[TSK]: Who are some artists you’re listening to right now?

[PBzE T.O]: Tupac

[TSK]: Come on now, everybody listens to Tupac (laughs).

[PBzE T.O]: I’m being for real.  A lot of dudes say that to say it and be cool, but that’s whom I’m really listening to.  As far as right now, I listen to a lot of r&b to be honest with you.  I don’t listen to a lot of rap.  I listen to a lot of H-Town.  Do you know about them? (laughs).

[TSK]: Come on now, who doesn’t know about H-Town? (laughs)

[PBzE T.O]: A lot of people don’t.  Like I said, a lot of H-Town, Silk, Jodeci, and Tank.  But, as far as rappers, Pac, 2-Chainz, Young Money, Maybach Music, GOOD Music.  I don’t have a playlist of handful of rappers.  I listen to everything. 

[TSK]: What can we expect form you in the next few years?

[PBzE T.O]: Hopefully, you’ll see me in my Bugatti.  Doing another interview with you in another spot in our life after success has already came.  You know, just feeding my family like I planned to do since day one.

Andreana E. Thomas, Lead Blogger for The Soundkillers, conducted this interview.

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